Q: What days and times do you deliver?
A: We deliver Monday - Friday (Saturday's are by appointment only and you must call by Friday before 11AM - no delivery on Sunday's) daily at a pre-arranged time between 11AM-6PM to make sure your items are delivered fresh from the store and straight to you.  Please contact us to arrange your personal delivery time. We generally offer a 2 hour window for delivery times. Email or call us for Holiday or Emergency orders/ times. *Additional $5.00 fee will apply for rush orders*

Q: How can I contact you?
A: The easiest ways to contact us is by emailing at groceryshoppingondemand@yahoo.com or filling out our contact form.  You may call us at (772) 285-0549 between the hours of  9 AM - 6 PM Eastern Standard Time.  As soon as we hear from you we will respond as quickly as possible (usually within 1-24 hours.) NOTE: We prefer to have your grocery list emailed to us so we have your recorded list. This eliminates errors and we hope you understand that to take your order over the phone we have to stop shopping and delivering in order to transcribe your list. The only exception is for us to come to you and pick up your list and cash to shop. We charge an additional $10.00 for this service and we only offer it to residents of SLW. 

Q: Can I place additional orders once I arrive at my vacation destination if I forgot something?
A: We will accept your order for next day delivery as long as it is sent to us via email by 1PM and we will deliver your order between 10AM -6PM the next day.

Q: Can I order the same day I want it delivered?
A: If you are ordering for same day delivery the order must be in by 1PM to be delivered by 6 PM the same day. You will be notified if we cannot meet the 6 PM delivery time. For all normal orders, we need to have time to pick out and deliver and stock your grocery order in your room thus enabling us to offer you the highest level of service. If you order after 1PM it will be delivered the next day between 11AM to 6 PM.

Q: Do you have a fee?
A: Our fee is $30 and $25 for Seniors, Veterans and Active Military.  See our optional discounts that we run from time to time at the bottom of our Home page for additional savings.

Q: Is there a gas surcharge?
A. Yes. We charge a flat $4.00 gas surcharge for all deliveries.

Q: Do I need to “tip” the delivery person?
A: Tips are completely optional but always appreciated.

Q: What if I am missing an item?
A: If you are missing an ordered item, contact us immediately using our contact form or call 772-285-0549. We will locate the item and bring it to you as soon as possible. After 24 hours, we can no longer be responsible for missing items. We "triple check" all orders when they are picked up, packed and before they are delivered. It is extremely important for us to know if we made any mistakes so we can fix them immediately.

Q: How do I contest a charge on my credit card?
A: If you feel there is an incorrect charge on your credit card, please contact us immediately. We will work with you to identify the charge and settle any issues quickly and to your satisfaction.

Q: There is a problem with my groceries, what should I do?
A: We handle all customer complaints seriously. Please contact us immediately if you have any concerns about your groceries. Please understand you must contact us within 24 hours after your delivery if you have a concern about your groceries. We require you to contact us within 24 hours if you feel an item is missing. Our business depends entirely on delivering the highest quality of groceries in a timely manner so we always want to know if you are unhappy with your order.

Q: What types of payment do you accept?
A: We accept all major credit/debit cards through PayPal using our email address groceryshoppingondemand@yahoo.com - we can give you instructions to help if you need them. You can determine which method you wish to use during the checkout process, or call us to help you.  All orders must be prepaid prior to delivery.

Q: My credit card got denied - I double checked the number and expiration date, and I know for sure there is enough credit on my card. What should I do?
A: If you entered in the number and the expiration date correctly, your card may have been denied because the billing address you supplied us with does not match the address on file with your credit card company. Some credit card companies will not authorize the transaction unless we have the correct address - it's for your own security.

Q: Can I change my order after it has been placed?
A: If you wish to change an order, please contact us (we prefer email for clarification purpose) with the items you would like to change (add or delete) at least 24 hours prior to your scheduled delivery time and we will make adjustments on your credit card.

Q: How do I cancel an order?
A: Canceling an order can be completed by contacting us (again email preferred) and stating your name, order number, and request for cancellation. Orders need to be cancelled 24 hours prior to your arrival date. Cancellation after 24 hours will incur a  $20.00 cancellation fee.

Q: Do you have a minimum grocery order amount?
A: No but we ask that you call for orders larger than $300.00 and all orders large or small will incur the same fee of $30.00 and $25.00 for Seniors, Veterans or Active Duty Military Families.

Q: Where do you shop for groceries?
A: We currently shop at a number of grocery stores in the area. Our goal is to offer you the chance to select your preferred store from the ones in your area.  For Saint Lucie West those are Publix, and Walmart.  For Port Saint Lucie,Tradition and Fort Pierce add Winn-Dixie and Target to the above selections. We also pick up items at Walgreens and CVS.  If you want us to shop at Sams Club or BJ's you must supply us with your membership card at a pre-arranged time. 

Q: What do you do if an item is out of stock?
A: We attempt to obtain every single item on your list. At times, the item (s) you choose may be out of inventory as about 80% of all grocery items are transported by ship or in poor condition at the store. If this is the case, we will contact you to make an effort to find a suitable replacement.

Q: What is your alcohol/tobacco policy?
A: We will only buy alcohol or tobacco products for adults (age 21 or older) who are present for delivery and have valid identification for us to check.  In addition, the adult must sign a copy of the receipt for the alcohol/tobacco items purchased, for our records.  

Q: Do you sell or trade my personal information?
A: ABSOLUTELY NOT! We value your privacy and ensure your information is protected and only used internally to improve your experience.

Q: How do I know my order is secure?
A: At Grocery Shopping On Demand, we want you to feel safe while shopping with us. That's why we use PayPal for our credit card processing.